Cumbria Muni & Trials Club

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Cumbria Muni & Trials Club caters for all unicyclists with an interest in muni and/or unicycle trials riding. It is open to beginners who would like to give it a try or those with more experience who would like to meet others to exchange ideas and techniques. One of the clubs aims is to build up a database of muni routes and grade them into a guide book which will be published by the club in the future.

The routes will range from the fairly flat paths of Greystoke Forest and the downhill forest roads in Whinlatter for beginners, to steep and technical routes in the high fells for the more ‘expert’ muniers.

The club has adopted a new grading system which has been adapted from the British rock climbing system. Routes will be graded using a consensus from those who have completed them.

Muni meets will be arranged on a monthly basis. However, each member will receive regular membership directory updates and therefore can arrange intermediate meetings at any time.

Trials techniques to some can appear rather artificial but there is no doubt they can be extremely useful for the more technical and serious routes in the hills. The club will therefore promote unicycle trials, with separate trials events and a yearly Trials Championship held on a specially prepared, partly natural and partly manufactured course.

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For further details contact either or or to join simply click onto 'membership' and supply your details.